Nina's Blog

On this page I will be sharing some of my short stories and reflections with you. My short stories you'll find under Darkness & Light. Under Nina’s Reflections I will post my thoughts around subjects that might be of interest to you. Whenever I get inspired to share my thoughts, I will post them on this page. I hope you will enjoy my stories and my thoughts.

Darkness & Light


Today I will share my first short story with you. The story was inspired by my oldest son when he asked me about death and if we would be able to meet Great Grandma again after she died. This is now many years ago. Death became the first of a collection of five tales that I have later named Darkness & Light. I hope you will enjoy my heart-warming tale. (Don’t worry, it isn’t so sad as it might sound like). Read now.

The Key

The Key was inspired by my beautiful and kind friend and coworker Muhammed. Every day he would pray on his porch bending deep down and saying his prayers. One morning when I passed his porch I surprisingly saw my two toddlers on each side of Muhammed bending down in prayers together with him. It was a delightful sight that I will never forget. Read now.

Nina's Reflections

Unconscious Choices

Today I want to share my reflections on unconscious choices and the interesting stories they might reveal to us. Read now.

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