Global Issue

Every creation starts with a thought. By visualizing what we like to see, feeling hope, belief, and passion for our vision, we can all be part of a conscious evolution of the world. Keeping our focus on what we like to see, not what we do not like to see, our conscious focus will steer our evolution towards a constantly better, more loving and freer world.

World Wide Contest


Today we will discuss our GLOBAL ISSUE: Pandemic; and see if we can find positive things that this pandemic has created in our lives. But first, let us have a look at the function of our personal problems and our issues in general. Why do they occur? Read now.

War & Unrest

In October 2024, there will be a new contest, where we will look at how we best can prevent war and unrest in the world.

Our Future World

In 2025 we will conduct an English literature and art contest, where we will focus on our future world. Topics for discussion include: What kind of future you would like to create and what is your dream vision for the future?

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