Daily Reflections

Excerpts from The Guide

Day 1.

What are the goals of your life? Have you ever sat down and thought carefully about what you want to get out of this lifetime? If not, think about it today and write your thoughts down in a journal. Before you start writing, you can choose to be inspired by the video Programming your mind. You will find the video on this website under: Feel-Good/Inspiration.

Day 2.

Do you know why it is so important to feel good? It is because our dreams and goals always include the good feelings that we find at the top of our emotional scale, a place between hope, satisfaction, happiness and freedom. To attract your dreams and live the life you long for, you need to find these feelings in the life you live here and now first. Use this day to become conscious of what things in your life make you feel good. Challenge yourself by writing down fifty examples, preferably things that don’t cost money, and start to include these activities in your daily life. (Some examples: watching the sunset, going for a walk, dancing, listen to good music, reading, photographing, calling a friend etc.)

Please feel free to use this website Feel-Good suggestions:

Books, Films & Series



Day 3.

You might ask how it is possible to be happy when you face so many obstacles in life. If you do, you can watch the video of Nick Vujicic on this website under feel good/ inspiration.


Day 4.

If you like you can from today start to change the thoughts that keep you from living your dream. You can do this by creating new thought pattern for situations that feel difficult to you. Search for your own soothing words and statements that give you a feeling of relief when you find yourself low.

Some examples of soothing words:

«It might not be as bad as I first believed.”
“This will also pass.”
“To be able to feel joy, we need to feel down at times. »

Start by using the above sentences or your own soothing words as soon as you feel down.

Remember, however, that you need to start soothing yourself as soon as you sense that the negative feelings are manifesting themselves in your consciousness. When you’re too late, there’s nothing you can do other than wait until you hit the ground and then start to “lick your wounds.” After a night of good sleep, your feelings will be reset. This is the time to consciously use your soothing words as mantras and start moving yourself up the scale of emotion again. If you hit the basement once in a while, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you do not allow yourself to be down in the basement more than absolutely necessary.

Get inspired by watching the video Depression & Anxiety on this website.

Day 5.

«The vast majority of people are not conscious of what they think and feel. The reason we are not more critical of what we choose to think is that we do not understand that it is the thought that triggers our feelings and that it is our emotions that subsequently attract the situations in our lives.

When we do not understand the consequences of our own thoughts, we become like a ping-pong ball that only responds to stimuli from outside, and thus we lose control over our lives.

However, if you grasp the importance of deliberately shifting your focus to a positive thought, for example through self-soothing when you feel down, you will avoid negative chain reactions. Then you will be able to steer your life towards good thoughts that will trigger good feelings and, again, attract good situations.

Please watch the video Power of Though on this website under Feel Good/Health & other websites.

Day 6.

Today make a list over all the things that function well in your life and keep your focus there. But first you can start up by listening to the song Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay on this website.

Day 7.

Make a list of your best ten memories and arrange them from 1-10 ten were 10 is the best memories of all. Go back to this memory every night before you go to bed. If you like you can first become inspired by watching the music video on this website: You Got a Friend in Me

Day 8.

Make a gratitude list in your journal and write down three things that made you grateful today.To cheer you up you can watch the music video on this website Treat Her Right

Day 9.

If you struggle with sorrow and grief, you are welcome to read the short story Death. Death became the first of a collection of five tales that Nina have later named Darkness & Light. (Don’t worry, it isn’t so sad as it might sound like).

Day 10.

If you don’t already know how to meditate, this is your chance to learn. Meditation is the best tool you can use to still your mind and feel inner peace.

Meditation is also a fantastic tool for gaining knowledge and an understanding of yourself and life in general. Through meditation, your energy level increases as soon as you let go of negative thoughts and change them with peace of mind. With a still mind, you are now able to listen to your inner being and its guidance.

Learning to meditate is easy. At first, you’ll need the focus to sit for fifteen minutes every day, trying to leave out the chatter of your mind. The thoughts will come and go, and every time your thoughts start to jump around from one subject to another, you will need to focus your mind on your breath or a sound, etc. If you choose to meditate only now and then, it will be more difficult to get yourself into the flow.

There are many different techniques, and it’s important to find those that suits you. The goal of meditation is to be able to access the stillness of your mind in your daily life, so you don’t always have to sit down to meditate to hear your inner being.

You can check out this website or go to the internet to find a meditation practice that is right for you.

Guided Meditation

Abraham Hicks

Meditation Music

Day 11.

Many people today suffer from various types of thought disorders, such as ADHD, OCD, tics, mania, depression, and anxiety. All are diagnoses that modern medicine finds almost impossible to cure. It can only reduce the impact through medication.

One of the reasons people use tranquilisers, sex, food, alcohol and gambling as medicine is that they don’t know how to work with themselves and their own mindsets. Another reason is that many people simply do not believe in their inner beings and their own power, and therefore are not willing to learn how to change their mindsets. It is then easy to use simpler solutions in the form of pills or other external stimuli that they believe will help them to dull the inner turmoil or the pain they feel.

You might not have a severe addiction, but anything that has started to rule your life and stop you from feeling happy is worth looking into. See if you can change it by monitoring your feelings and your level of vibrations.

If you suffer from a major addiction problem, it’s important not to focus on your “quick fix.” Nor should you dwell on things that don’t work, as heavy depressive thoughts just suck the energy out of you. Instead, it will help to fully focus on the life you desire and every step you can take towards your dream. Each smile you share with others and every smile that is returned, every good thought, every good moment and every good day will be a victory and proof that you are heading for the life you dream about. This good feeling will fill you with energy and soothe you up to the high vibrations, where more good experiences await you.

And when you don’t feel so good, you can use your mantras for self-soothing: “This will also pass,” «Nothing is so bad that it’s not good for anything,” etc. By focusing on the direction, you want to go, instead of where you have been, you will not so easily make mistakes and you will keep an even steadier course towards your goal.

Feel free to use the Forum on this website:


Do I have an addiction?

Rehab & Recreation Centers

Spirituality & Hypnosis

Day 12.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and being happy with your own reflection is not always easy. However, being able to accept your body for what it is will make your life so much easier.

These days, we have a fixation with our bodies that makes our lives unnecessarily hard, and it’s often one of the main obstacles that stops us from feeling happy. If we asked ourselves what we regard as beautiful, we would most likely have a totally different answer depending on who and what we are referring to. However, we usually find people beautiful regardless of their look when we love and respect them – and that’s not to mention our dogs and cats! There are so many strange-looking pets out there that we just adore, which really proves that our look has nothing to do with how loveable we are.

Being able to love yourself regardless of your look is maybe the best gift you can give yourself. By loving yourself regardless of anyone else’s opinions, you don’t need anybody to endorse your worthiness. By being this confident, you’ll definitely set yourself free. And to set ourselves free is one of this journey’s goals, as all our dreams include the dream of freedom.

Please watch the video What Makes the Ugliest.. and use some time to reflect over how the video make you feel.

Day 13.

If you want to continue your inner journey towards change and a conscious, good and meaningful life check out the Introduction to The Guide to A Life Worth Living.

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