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    I am a person that always take the shortcut, (whatever lead me to the finish line with the fastest/ easiest method) but I recently have been told too many times this isnt a solution of life. One side of me I agree with that, but the other side of me just cant stop taking the easiest/ fastest way.. I have been battling a lot between the two, what should I do?


    Nina Heide

    I did not see the text under your question, sorry… Now I understand. (You can also take a look at my first answer.) Let me start with saying that life does not have to be so hard. Most people worry too much and are too serious about life. The way I see it, life can be much more playful and fun. Instead, we make life a contest where we compete with each other not understanding that we play on the same team.
    When reaching goals become the main focus, we lose out of the fun of creating and we are not able to enjoy our life journey. Rushing, forcing and striving is not the way of a good life. Having fun, feeling passion or do the things you do because you see the purpose of doing it will make your life feel good. Everything that makes you feel good will be the right choice, however, only if the consequences of your actions also make you feel good. Don’t worry too much about what other people are saying rather follow your own bliss and happy feelings. What will be the right choices for you will quickly show in the results you get. If the results are not good, try to visualize what you want to achieve and be more focused. Watch your thoughts and tell yourself that if other people can make it you can make it as well. Guard your thoughts and feelings as you create and attract through them. Don’t allow your feelings to slide down into the basement of your emotional scale too often. If you do, your creations will reflect your low feelings and not your dream. Have fun and be playful with your life and follow your own feelings as you know best what is working for you. However, remember reaching goals are not as important as enjoying the ride on your journey towards your dream life. I hope this was helpful. Good luck.

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