Today we will discuss our GLOBAL ISSUE: Pandemic; and see if we can find positive things that this pandemic has created in our lives. But first, let us have a look at the function of our personal problems and our issues in general. Why do they occur?

Do we need our problems or should we rather call them contrasts in our life? Does CONTRAST have a purpose? Most people get stressed or depressed when they encounter contrast in form of personal problems, but also in form of global issues, which in turn might drain us of energy.

Everything in the world is made of energy and so are our bodies. Losing energy is not good as it damages our cells and can create sickness in our bodies. So let us see if we can get a different perspective on all the contrast we experience in life, and now ask: How can we look at our problems differently?

If you knew that the purpose of life is growth and expansion towards an always better, more loving and freer world, you might find it easier to accept contrast. Nothing is perfect in this world as we are always in expansion towards an infinitive better version of ourselves and everything in creation. With this view of life, imperfection is actually perfect. If we could not change anything to the better, life would soon become boring as we would not have any challenges and nothing to long for and to work towards.

Through contrast, we start to understand what we do not like which help us to understand what we do like. This way our problems helps us to make new and better choices. However, since we are given full freedom to choose when we want to learn our expansion goes much slower then it needs to. By choosing to become more conscious we can together make sure that we move a bit faster toward a more loving, less painful and freer world.

So let’s get to work:

  1. Make a list of all the positive things you can think of that this pandemic has created in your life, regard to a better, more loving and a freer world.
  2. If you like, you can also find new ideas and join a worldwide (school) contest on how we can consciously use the experiences we have gained from the pandemic to move the world and our own lives in a positive and conscious direction. (You do not need to belong to a school to join the contest).

Contest Rules

Everybody can get involved in the contest from students, parents to teachers. You will make it a school project, first competing among yourselves and then competing with other schools around the world plus other individuals who are also joining the contest.

We will need suggestions on how we can use the experiences we have gained from the pandemic to move the world and our own lives in a positive direction. In other words: How can we use the pandemic to reach new heights on a personal, national and a world wide level?

The solutions suggested will be on three different levels:

  1. International level (three suggestions)
  2. National level (three suggestions)
  3. Individual level (three suggestions)
Each school/individual will participate with nine suggested solutions in total. (Three for each level.)

If you or your school would like to join the contest, follow the steps below:

  1. Read the blog in details.

  2. Register your school for the contest. Choose a nickname for your school and post it under Global Issues by 17 January 2023 (For example, write: The “Viking school”/ “Viking” will attend the contest on the global issue, Pandemic). In total only twenty schools or participants can be part of the contest. However, everybody can be involved in choosing the winner. The first twenty to register will join the contest and share their solutions.

  3. By 27 March 2023, post your school’s nine best suggestions in bullet points. You can also provide links etc. Place the links under the bullet points to show more in details your suggestions. (Please use the template below).

  4. Now everybody can start voting for what they think are the nine best among all the suggestions. (To do so you will first have to register and log into the Forum). You will have exactly one week to choose which nine solutions you believe are the best. The nine suggestions with most likes will be the winner.

The winner might present the best nine solutions to the UN headquarters (This will first have to be confirmed). In any case, the best solutions will be posted on the website A Platform to A Life Worth Living and will have the potential to reach worldwide.

Every creation starts with a thought. By visualizing what we like to see, feeling hope, belief, and passion for our vision, we can all be part of a conscious evolution of our personal life and our world. Keeping our focus on what we like to see, not what we do not like to see, our conscious focus will automatically steer the evolution towards a constantly better future for us all.


Template for suggestions:

International (Three solutions that involve UN, NGO’s and other organizations focused on global issues):

National (Three solutions that involve the government, organizations, private sector in a country)

Individual (Three solutions that involve you and me):

Links to explain more in details what we can do internationally:

Links to explain more in details what we can do nationally:

Links to explain more in details what we can do individually:

If you are a teacher or a student and you find this website useful, you are most welcome to integrate this and future contests into your school program.

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