The vision for this website is to provide a platform where we can come together to inspire and lift each other up on a personal but also on a global level. We are all part of an ever-lasting evolution and have the ability to change to a constantly better version of ourselves. Through conscious thought and a positive focus we can learn how to change our evolution towards a more loving, less painful and freer future for both ourselves and our world. This website provides seven tools to enhance these goals:

Daily Reflection

Take a break and breathe deeply in and out a few times to relax and connect with yourself. Now focus on something that feels good. To remember to breathe deeply during a hectic day you can make it a habit to take three deep breaths every time you visit the bathroom. Just by making deep breathing a habit and changing your focus to something that feels good you will create positive changes in your life.

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Free Tools

The Forum on this website gives you the opportunity to discuss your own situation anonymously with other people online. Some of these people battle with similar challenges; others have found solutions that they would just love to share with you. This way, we can help lift each other up and soon you will be able to create the life you personally dream of living. See the Forum Menu here.

Feel Good Videos will give you access to many useful, interesting, inspirational and fun links and videos that can lift your spirit. In addition, the links can change your life by opening your eyes to your own possibilities. The only thing you need to do is to allow them. Click here to get the Feel Good menu.

The Guide

The Guide to A Life Worth Living takes you on a spiritual awareness journey, where you are given the opportunity to get to know your inner self and become conscious about your wishes and dreams for life. With the liberating insight you gain about who you really are and why you are here, you will more easily be able to steer your life in the direction that feels right for you.

Click here to read the Introduction to The Guide to A Life Worth Living. Buy here

The Workbook

The Guide to A Life Worth Living: Step-by-Step Workbook offers a program that can help you keep focused when going on your inner journey. If you choose to buy this book, you will be given a structured path to work on yourself through a variety of assignments.

You will then learn to become aware of your own wishes for life and how to achieve the goals you set. The workbook is made for those of you who would like to invest more time on your own development so you can make big changes and live your dream now. In the last part of the workbook, space has been made available for a diary where you can write your thoughts down freely.

The workbook is intended to complement the main book,The Guide to a Life Worth Living. Buy here

Forum Mentor

To be able to make the Forum function properly we will need many Forum Mentors with different background, language and experiences.

If you would like to become a Forum Mentor, helping and inspiring others to find solutions to their challenges, you can do this by:

1. Reading The Guide

2. Completing all the assignments

3. Entering a minimum of 20 useful posts on The Forum. These can be either questions and answers.

4. Take the Mentor Test. (Send an e-mail to change@a-life-worth-living.org when all the above requirements are achieved and you will get access to the test).

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